My Daily Skin Care Routine
Approaching 30 isn’t easy. Not only does your body start to change, but your skin does too. One of my greatest fears is waking up at 50 and looking like I’m 70! Therefore, I’ve listed my top 5 favorite and vital skincare products that I use daily…


When I was 16, I babysat for a women who was a skin guru. After 5 years and being around her so often, I became a skin freak myself. I stopped going into the sun. I drank more water daily and I started to realize the importance of vitamin E, sunscreen and night cream.

#1 Masks Are A Must: You might have noticed on our Instagram stories that I use a few facial masks at least twice a week, This particular mask I LOVE! It’s a collagen mask that focuses on different aspects: anti-aging, elasticity, hydration, brightening, anti-toxins etc. They come in a pack of 16 for under $12!! I think it’s really important to keep your skin hydrated and these masks are some of my favorites (especially for the price).

#2 – Get A Good Cleanser: I have tried several facial cleansers and several that have been given to me from brands to try. I keep going back to the same one. I am obsessed with Aveeno, but not just any Aveeno cleanser. I like the Radiant Aveeno Cleanser (foam style). I’ve tried the pink one too and it’s not nearly as good. I don’t get that bright and fresh feel that the green one gives me!

#3 – Retinol: If you’re in your mid-twenties (or older) it’s time to visit some products that have retinol in them. Several months ago I ran into a PR company that represented ROC and they sent me a few samples to test out. One of which was their deep wrinkle anti-aging night cream. I use it every night! I don’t recommend using products with retinol in it before your mid to late twenties, but I love this product!

#4 – More Moisture: Another fabulous night-time moisturizer is another Aveeno product. Intensive Night Cream, Positively Radiant is kind of a game changer. Talk about your skin glowing the next morning! This moisturizer I lather on (heavily). I also spread it all over my neck!

#5 – Water: Man can I tell a difference when I don’t drink enough water. While I’m working, I keep a water bottle on my desk. I drink about 4 of them while at the office. Then, when I’m home, I always have a Yeti full of cold water – even by my bed.


Skin is important and it’s critical that you start taking care of it NOW! I started really paying attention when I was about 16, but it’s never too early (or too late) to start a skincare regiment. The only other skincare line I have my eye on is Rodan + Fields. Have any of you tried it before and can share your feedback? I’d love to hear it!