We all want designer everything, but we just don’t want to pay designer prices overtime. There are some instances where you have to splurge and get the nice quality, may it’s a handbag, sunglasses or a pair of shoes. For me…

I would splurge on a shoes first, then maybe a bag and lastly sunglasses. My goal is to own a pair of Valentino’s preferably these  or these within the next 2 years. It may sound like a long time from now but that is ok, I like to spend my money on mostly traveling, which we are doing this year. Can’t have it all, right? Hangbags are definitely a personal preference. Some gals like satchels, shoulder bags, under $100 and then there are some who have every designer bag out there. So needless to say, I have rounded up the best of (in my opinion) designer handbags and shoes but also, given you an “oh my gosh, is that Chloe?” look-a-like. Here we go… shop away because I know I am!


Designer Handbags:

Dupe Handbags

Designer Shoes:

Dupe Shoes:


I hope something catches your eye and as always, thank you for stopping by!! Xx