Happy Tuesday! Not sure about you guys but this week is just one of those weeks, it’s either the time change or an exasperated mind but I just can’t sleep. Insomnia really stinks! A few nights ago I laid awake thinking…

Wearing: Top (sold out, navy & red here) // Skirt // Bandana // Sunglasses // Purse (similar) // Shoes (love love these)

Is it me or do all bloggers have their own individual issues with putting themselves out there on social media? I see some girls who seem like they love the attention but others are more shy and relatable to myself personally. I love my job and I’m hoping for it to grow, but to be honest I really don’t like all the invasive social media channels such as insta stories, snap chat, etc. that I have to partake in to succeed. What happened to the days of simply blogging on our little page in this vast world wide web and thats it? There is so many more variables involved nowadays. There are definitely days where I feel I am not pretty enough, or have good enough style or whatever little demon is in my head that day. Deep down I know I am a good person and I’m smart and strong enough to do whatever task is at hand. Putting myself out there every day isn’t something I LOVE to do, but sharing my outfits and helping my readers find inspiration and maybe push their envelope a little bit is my goal…it’s why I love blogging.

Take this plain black skirt and white long sleeve ruffle top for instance. It is very simple and cute but throw on this teal bandana scarf and bam, it adds a little touch that everyone will say “I love your outfits” – promise!

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Have a fantastic day!

xx- Jocelyn