So if case you’ve not noticed, Vlogging is becoming a major thing and we kind of love it. It’s not easy to put yourself out there in photos let alone via video. However…

Video by: Heather Booke Photography

We’re doing it! We decided to totally wing it when we shot our Christmas shoot a week ago. We thought, well what better time to do it than now?  We wanted to keep it all short and sweet, but it was really fun. Thanks to our amazing friend and photographer, Heather, she was gracious enough to shoot it on the fly.

Christmas is coming and we’re jazzed. Mostly because it’s that time of year where you get to spend a lot of time with family (and eat A LOT). =)  This Christmas we are laying low and staying in town. Things will be a bit different because our grandparents sold their home so we’re having it at my aunts instead…. and a little early!

We’ve been posting about 5 days per week, but started thinking maybe you guys want more in-depth posts and less often even? With the holiday’s coming, we REALLY want to know what you guys want to see more/less of…

  1. Vlogs
  2. Gift guides
  3. Skin Care
  4. Travel Posts
  5. How To
  6. Candid personal blog posts
  7. Outfits solely

We want to know! We know our first vlog has room for improvement, but that’s half the fun isn’t it?


NNB Sisters (Chelsey & Jocelyn)