H ello Thursday!! I mean, who are we kidding? Secretively, we are all thinking, Thursday: not humpday anymore and not quite Friday either. We’re still trying to push through the work week without feeling completely bogged down and ready to throw in the towel #AdultingIsHardAF…


      Recently, I came across a quote stating 70% of Americans HATE their job, according to Forbes. 70 percent!! (Holy cow, that’s a ton). It really got me thinking. Why continue to pursue jobs we hate? It’s simple. We all have bills. Don’t you desire nice things and want to ‘make it rain’ every now and again just because you can? But, we live in a highly systematic world. We are required to graduate college, hurry to land a job, meet a man, get married… you know the rest. Then we hit our mid 20’s and all of a sudden we are having quarter life crisis.

 3 Ways To Combat Complacency…or at least try

  1. Travel: Travel and travel as often as you can. Have you explored sites like Groupon Getaways, Travelzoo and LivingSocial? These sites have fantastic travel deals! There really is something to be said about navigating places that are outside the norm. When you experience a way of life that differs from your own, it opens you up to new perspectives! A fantastic travel blogger that I love is Passport To Friday. If you’re looking for amazing destinations to add to your bucket list, follow her Instagram and blog! Not only is she a Travel Goddess, but she’s incredibly darling… oh and her name is Chelsea (that’s not why I like her though). 😉
  2. Challenge Yourself: What are you passionate about and what are you doing to educated yourself further? I’m telling you, I do not know how it happened, but after graduating college I feel like I stopped really learning. Did you? It wasn’t until we decided to launch our blog, Not Necessarily Blonde, that I started challenging myself to learn new things again. I’ve learned more in a year than I have in 5 years!
  3. Don’t dress for where you are… dress for where you plan on going: There are tons of studies showing your confidence and how you dress correlate with one another. They basically state don’t forget to do your laundry all weekend and roll into work like a hot mess. Instead… PLAN out your hot mess! Kidding – but, really. We all need inspiration on what to wear both professionally and personally! I know I do.  Here are a few of my absolute favorite local fashion gurus that are amazing on all fronts!
    • If you want boho fun: You have to check out Upbeat Soles. Shannon is amazing and such a great person/friend. She has a great awareness for who she is and her style is reflective! From big brim hats and over-sized sunnies to flowing unique pieces, she’s a must follow!
    • Looking for on-the-go: Pure Joy Home: Liz lives in CT and has the cutest little people! She’s always on the go with them and stays super trendy while doing it. She might be one of the most open and real with her opinions and I love that!
    • Everyday and easy: Styled Snapshots. Kendall’s style is super cute and girly. Not only that, but she lives in Manhattan, so I’m always looking at her page to see how to stay cute, without freezing my tail off!
    • Work Attire:  Visions of Vogue – I just love that Jenna works full-time in the finance world and still crushing the blogging game. Her clothes are sophisticated and classy… all while working 50+ hours a week!
    • Last but not least, my personal fav…. simple style. Although sometimes her blog may be too high-end for me right now, I adore Damsel In Dior. Jacey is super funny and relatable! She’s someone you could grab a Starbucks coffee with and share a bottle of wine no matter what time of day is deemed socially acceptable!

Each of these seven bloggers can provide inspiration and information. They can ignite your passion and evoke personal style. These ladies are leaders in the fashion world and honestly great to follow!



XO Darlings,