I seriously can not believe that in just a few short months Brian and I will be celebrating our ten year anniversary this year. They say time flies…

Ups and downs, positives and negatives, hot and cold…it seems like every aspect of life has its equal polar opposite and relationships are no exception to this rule.  Finding a balance that works for both individuals in the relationship, romantic or otherwise, is critical to its success and longevity. On top of the fact that life can throw you in so many different directions, the challenges of having a successful marriage can be daunting. In order to push forward through the hard times everything has to be centered around the relationship as a priority, period (I can write a specific blog post on this relationship/marriage topic, if you are interested, but please let me know, comment below, e-mail me, DM or comment on my latest IG post). The sweet reward of sticking it out, is getting to share your life with someone special while cherishing the memories made with one another. Finding something to share with one another seems to be a key component to fuel the flame.

With all the being said, Brian and I love to travel and honestly we believe it helps keep our marriage happy and healthy. It is so important to make new memories with your family but even more importantly, with just your husband. So a few months ago when it occurred to us that our big 1-0 is coming up in June we got super excited. We couldn’t stop talking about our bucket list places and where we should go for this special occasion trip.

Toward the end of last year Brian received a request to do a show in late May that just happened to be in Hawaii. So we asked ourselves, why don’t we just make this into our anniversary trip? Seemed like a great option plus its the exact time we wanted to plan a trip anyways. Brian would fly out for his show and we figured I would fly out to Hawaii towards the end of his show and stay there for five days and then fly over to New Zealand for seven. Has anyone ever been to New Zealand? It’s probably one of the top three places on my bucket list. Anyway, fast forward up to two weeks ago, he got an e-mail that the show had moved dates. Unfortunately, he was already booked those dates (insert sad face here). So what now? We thought about still trying to make the trip over to Hawaii and New Zealand but if he doesn’t have a job over on the west coast, then we don’t want to make the 20 hour flight. We will just wait another year.

Now we are kind of panicking, and saying, oh sh*t, we only have four months to figure out a new trip and plan out an itinerary. So last week we both came up with a bunch of places we would be interested in and narrowed it down to three different trips. We would LOVE your opinion and recommendations if you have been to any of these cities before!!

Canada: Vancouver, Banff

Four years ago we took a trip to Canada but it was the east coast, Quebec City, Ottawa, and Montreal. It is probably still in the top three of my favorite trips. Canada is beautiful, friendly, and CLEAN! When we booked this trip I had the impression it would be similar to the west coast of Canada. Plaid shirts, folk type music (if you know me, I love folk music), and mountain views. It was nothing like that, the French-Canadian province of Quebec is a special little corner of the country unlike anywhere else. So having been to Quebec, Western Canada is definitely on our list. Banff has gorgeous teal lakes with amazing mountain views, and hiking in contrast to Vancouver which is a fast pace city on the ocean. You get the best of both worlds…eek, sounds amazing to me!

United Kingdom: London, Ireland, Scotland

The funny thing is, we went to London right before we got married. So we’ve experienced it together already but it was pretty rainy and we only spent three days there before trainsetting to four other countries (remember when I said that was ten years ago… too old for that now, haha). We have both been over to Europe three times each, twice together and once separately and London is still probably one of my favorites to date. Now throw in Ireland and Scotland, holy moly dream vacation, right?

France: Paris, Burgundy & Bordeaux (wine country) 

Brian and I love wine and actually procure it so this trip is right up our alley. We did visit Paris back in 2013 and we fell in love, it is such a romantic city. So my arm doesn’t need to be twisted to go back. Then we would add on French wine country to get out and experience the amazing wineries and learn even more about wine.

Well these are our options, we seriously keep going back and forth. So any input you give us would be greatly appreciated. I think 10 years of marriage is definitely something to celebrate with a big trip and we can’t be more excited!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Xx – Jocelyn