Do you ever find yourself people watching and getting lost in whatever their story might be? Do you ever stop and think about what you wish you could do again, if you had the chance? That is what happened to us. We found ourselves asking what would I tell my younger self, if we could do it all again…

As many of you know, if you follow our Snapchat, we were recently in Atlanta for work. While there, we saw a ton of young women and men all bustling around the city. A multitude of them were very young, even in their late teens or early twenties. One afternoon, we were grabbing lunch at an adorable Mediterranean restaurant and found ourselves thinking about what we would tell our younger selves. Discussing career, fashion, relationships and beauty, for our Double Trouble Tuesdays, we’re talking about just that!

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Chelsey: Our twenties fly by and before we know it we are knocking at 30! My twenties are coming to a close (my birthday is on Thanksgiving this year and I’ll be 29). It has been a decade of learning and self reflection. I have dated men that I probably shouldn’t have. I have had a trying sales career that has taught me how to bust my tush and I’ve lived on my own while maintaining the bills (check, check and check). However, if I could go back 10 years ago and tell my younger self a few tips/tricks, I’m sure there would be parts I’d rewrite…?

To Be 18 Again – What I’d Tell My Younger Self:

Career: If I were 18 again, I would tell myself that moving jobs/careers is a GOOD thing! I wouldn’t move companies even if I was unhappy for the longest time! Sometimes that was due to a lack of confidence. Encouraging my 18 year old self to change companies every 2-ish years, is definitely something I’d share!

Employees who stay in companies longer than two years get paid 50% less. Forbes

Fashion: Who gives a sh*t. If I like it I’ll wear it. While in my early twenties, I got super caught up in the corporate world. I found myself wearing basic cardigans, slacks and flats all the time. They were always over-sized and washed out. Before I knew it, I was feeling frumpy and out dated. It wasn’t until we launched our clothing boutique, Never Naked Boutique, that I started to realize my fashion sense again. In addition, my sister and a close friend of my, Chrissy, were always super fashionable within the past two years. I found myself re-motivated to step my game up!

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” —Rachel Zoe

Relationships: Haha, where to begin. I believe every person you meet, you meet for a reason. It is up to you to decipher what that reason may be. I would tell my 18 year old self that you deserve a man who will move mountains for you. That beauty is not defined by anyone else except yourself. Stay confident in who you are and where you’re going… the rest will fall into place.

Beauty: If I were 18 again, I tell myself to eat that damn hamburger and enjoy it! (LOL). Do I need to add to that? In all honesty, I am more confident now than I was when I was 18 that’s for sure. I’ve learned that beauty really is highlighted with a smile, not a highlighter that was bought at the Mac counter. I’ve also learned that beauty is defined by myself and the people I surround myself with. If they don’t lift you up, remove them from your circle. You don’t need all the noise. Allow yourself the opportunity to wear less make-up, to throw your hair in a pony tail and wear blue jeans. Less sometimes is more.

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” —Coco Chanel

double-trouble-black-and-white double-trouble-black-and-white double-trouble-black-and-white

Jocelyn: I just turned 31 this past July and gosh, sometimes I can’t believe it. It feels like I just turned 21. These past 10 years have been a crazy learning experience, lots of ups and down in all aspects of my life.

To Be 21 Again – What I’d Tell My Younger Self:

Career: This topic is tricky. One minute I wish I followed through with attending the International Academy of Design and Technology. The next minute, I am so grateful for having worked at my previous company for 9 years. It taught me a lot about business and myself… not to mention I made some really great friends. In the end, I came back to the fashion industry and for that reason, I would tell myself to follow my passion even if it is a harder path.

Fashion: Growing up I would always be the girl who tried the new trends and was creative with my hair and make-up. It wasn’t until I hit my mid 20’s and had a “normal” corporate 8 to 5 job that I realized I had conformed to what we are “supposed” to be wearing. I was all of a sudden wearing basic black pants, skirts with blouses, cardigans, simple dresses, etc. I found myself feeling stuck, losing a sense of my identity and definitely NOT fashionable (which to me is a big deal). So I would definitely tell my younger self to be YOU, wear what makes you happy and comfortable. There are ways to be fashionable without looking like every other woman in the corporate world. Be professional but be YOU!

Relationship: Oh gosh, where do I begin here. I would have to say to my 21 year old self… know when to let go and when to fight for what you want. Be more confident in myself and my decisions.

Beauty: I feel like beauty has grown so much in the past few years because of YouTube tutorials and all social media outlets. The good thing is our mom has always been very good about teaching both Chelsey and I to use moisturizers, eye cream and take our make-up off every night! It is super rare of me to ever sleep in my make up. The one thing I would have to tell the 15 year old me would be to use more neck cream, lol! Sounds crazy, but I hit my 30’s and sh*t started shifting and lines started popping up! Darn it! 😉

Wearing: Pants (Macy’s, sold out, similar here), Tee (Banana Republic), Jacket (Zara, similar here), Heels

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Ultimately, we’re so glad to be on ‘this side’ of our twenties. It’s been a learning experience that truly we’d not do differently. Our twenties are a time of growth and reflection.  It has been a hell of a ride… hello to a new decade!

Until next time,

NNB Sisters (Jocelyn & Chelsey)