If there is one thing that I’ve learned about living in New York City, it is that the required attire is certainly NOT flipflops and jean shorts! What I’ve had to seriously stock up on are…


Chunky Knits are a MUST in the city! When you’re born and raised in Orlando you don’t own anything that’s heavy mostly because it’s 90 degrees outside… all the time (anyone else agree?). In New York yesterday, there were gusts of wind up to 60 MPH. I literally had to lean forward so that I wouldn’t get blown over! Not to mention, Lyrics (my dog) pretty much had to be carried the entire time or she would have been scooped off by the wind. Add some rain on top of that and BAM that’s my NYC day!

I’ve learned that you have to be prepared with layers while living here. If you only have one shirt on, you’re about 2-3 short (lol). Chunky knits are the way to go and I’ve found myself purchasing several over the past few weeks (I even found ones like this under $25!) Not only have I purchased a ton of winter sweaters, but I’ve added a few to my ‘wish list’ below! While in New York, I’ve also realized that a good pair of rain boots and a killer coat are major… otherwise you’re totally freezing your tail off. I own the black one and it’s been a serious life saver.

Although I’ve not purchased rain boots (yet), I have tagged 3 that I have my eye on. I’m not sure if I will stick out too poorly if I rock the red boots even though they’re my favorite. What do you guys think? I’m new to the cold weather “dos and don’ts”, so if you have an opinion, please share it with me. I need all the help I can muster!

Be sure to check back in both tomorrow and Thursday because on Thursday I’m sharing an indepth post about my first week in the big apple. The highs the lows and what I had zero clue about when moving here. It’s going to be a great read!