Happy hump day to ya! Not sure about you but the past few days here in Orlando have been so grey and gloomy. The storm that came through Sunday was worse than the past hurricane we had. Today though is absolutely gorgeous outside, hopefully it is where you are too. So, I am not too sure what is with me lately but I am just in love with grey. It is easy, goes with everything and I can’t get enough. Now that Chelsey is living in the big apple…

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This is the first full week with her not being here to meet for coffee, have our daily 10am FaceTime chats, or meet to shoot looks. I feel a bit lost honestly, but it’s a really good thing for her, us and NNB. So, to keep myself from thinking about it too much, I started Whole 30 Monday as well as BBG aka Bikini Body Guide and loving them both! BBG is no joke guys, it is actually more difficult than I expected, but I love challenges like that. I used to do P90X and insanity years ago and loved both of them …are these even still around?! BBG is only three days a week (totally doable) Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, so on my off days (Tuesday & Thursdays) I am either jogging or going to yoga with a girlfriend of mine. My goal is to workout five days a week and stick to Whole 30. It is so nice to have a friend that loves being healthier and encourages you to be as well! Now, Whole 30 is going well but again it is not easy. I say I started this program Monday but really it was Sunday…so I am starting to really feel the “withdrawals”, major headaches, probably from the lack of sugar, carbs, etc. But today, I really do feel good and I am down 2.3 pounds… small victories right?! I will keep you all in the loop with my workouts and Whole 30. You can catch a lot of my recipes over on our Snapchat: NNBSisters or Insta Stories: Not Necessarily Blonde.

Thank you for stopping by today! My post Friday will be all about my top three favorite haircare products, so make sure to come back!

XX – Jocelyn

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