I know it is Monday, and you most likely are not in the best of mood because the upcoming weekend seems so far away. So I am here to hopefully cheer you up with all these gorgeous pieces from the new Opalhouse collection for Target, it just launched online and in-stores yesterday. You will not believe the prices, they are so affordable and ah, I think this is one my favorite collections Target has put out yet…


I have been having my eye on this Opalhouse launch for a couple of weeks now.  Target has been slowly releasing items online to promote the brand but obviously none of it was available for purchase until yesterday.

The first thing I did yesterday morning was of course, I grabbed a Starbucks coffee and immediately went to my local Target to see the collection. My thought was that I wanted to touch and feel it all and report back to you with details and videos. Unfortunately they didn’t have much at all but I did get a good feel of the pillows, rugs, and over all gist of the brand. The feel of the pieces remind me very much of Anthropologie: texture, boho-chic, and good quality.

I figured since I couldn’t do a stories haul, I would sift through the 575 items in this collection and create a blog post of all my favorites. I think by switching out just some pillows or an accent rug can freshen up your house and make it feel new again. SO I hope you find a, item or two that can bring spring/summer into your home.

Just a quick tip, there are a ton of items in this collections and almost all of it comes in multiple colors, patters, etc. So if you see anything you like but maybe the color isn’t for you, trust me they probably have the color you are looking for. Also, there are beautiful staged images for each product to help you find inspiration for each piece.

Baskets // Rugs

Pillows // Accessories

Poufs // Throw Blankets

Furniture // Headboards

Bedroom // Bathroom

Outdoor Living // Plants

Kitchen // Lighting


I hope this was helpful!