Happy New Year! Can you believe it is 2017?! Have you been asked a million times “what are your New Years resolutions?” When I get asked what are you new year goals for 2017…


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I think to myself, how do I answer?  My brain instantly wants to hesitate with the fear of failure lurking in the shadows. I know, that sounds so negative, but I think the whole idea of making a resolution is meant for you to challenge yourself.  Don’t let vulnerability hold you back from trying something new that you may not be comfortable with just yet.  The new year symbolizes a chance to start over, regroup, and get motivated for the things you want most in life. YOU are the only person who can make a difference and that is what I want to remind myself as well. Which is why I decided to share my goals, so here it goes…

Jocelyn’s New Year Goals: 2017

Stick to a routine: I tend to be all over the place since leaving my uniform 8-5 job a little over a year ago. I am not much of a list maker, nor do I stick to a calendar. I love getting to the gym by 9:00am (so I can watch Kelly Live) but some mornings, I will sit down at the computer, drink my coffee, read e-mails and by the time I look at the clock its already lunch time…where did the time go?? I am so enthralled in working I end up not going to the gym at all.  Also, my husband Brian travels a lot so when he is home and doesn’t have to work, we really try to spend that time together. This throws off my daily routine even more. So in the spirit of trying to stick more to a routine, the past couple days I’ve been filling out important dates in my new calendar, making to-do lists and I’m even in the works of doing our editorial calendar (along with Chelsey). My plan is to really map out my day, week, month and hopefully I will get more done throughout the day. I’ll let you all know how it goes…

Eat Clean: This is so cliche’, but I have to put this and exercise in here. The holiday season has officially passed and after examining our pantry we had like five bags of chips, 3 different dips, boxes of chocolates, cookies, etc. in our pantry/refrigerator. So, yesterday I went through everything and threw away all the junk food I could find. Shortly afterwards, I went to the grocery store and re-stocked with all healthy foods. Most of what I look for is Whole30 compliant, because I am so close to diving right into the program. For an introduction into Whole30, I’m going to start by trying out some of their recipes. If I like it, I may start Feb 1. Have you guys tried Whole30, if so what are your thoughts?

Be More Creative: I would really like to take more time to be creative. This is the side of my job I absolutely love but it is so hard to really tap into that side of my brain sometimes. Blogging is all about creativity and giving the reader something meaningful to leave with when they come to read your blog. Sometimes I will think of a really cool shot or blog idea and maybe I let my fears keep me from executing them. I need to trust myself more and not let my inner self-doubt overrule.

YouTube/Video: We want to give our readers more videos and tutorials. This has been on our list for months now and we just haven’t pulled the trigger…but hey, it’s a new year! This goes back to fear and thinking “are we going to look stupid?” “will people hate it and not watch?” blah blah blah. Instead, we should just go for it and trust in ourselves (easy to say, right?). So look out 2017, its a new US.

Exercise More Consecutively: This is on the list every year and I always fall off track, likely because I don’t stick to a routine. I really actually like working out but for some reason I don’t make it a priority, its always the least important activity in my day. So this year, one of my New Years Goal for 2017 is making that more important! I am adding it into my calendar and daily to-do’s so this way I can hold myself accountable make sure I go. Also, I want to try out a home workout on top of going to the gym or yoga. I’ve heard great things about BBG and was thinking maybe I’ll start incorporating it in-between trips to the gym. Have y’all tried it?

Honestly my list could just keep on going… but I’ll try not to bore you.

As always, thank you so much for reading, we are so grateful! Please comment and let us know your thoughts, or things you would like to see in 2017 from Chelsey and I. We would also love to hear your goals for this upcoming year!



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