I remember when I was in corporate American (for 10+ years) and dreaded the days I had to wear work clothes, let alone having to buy them. I guess because growing up I was very creative, especially when it came to style, hair, and make up. Wearing work attire felt like I was being locked up in a box and I couldn’t get out (a little dramatic). One way I circumvented this feeling was buy clothes for work that I could transition into evenings and weekends. So…


Photos: HBJ Photography

Here, I took a classic yet modern set, paired it with these stand-out pumps and my absolute favorite purse, The Ryder by Fossil. If you are on a hunt of the perfect bag for Spring/Summer, this bag is seriously gorgeous. I love that is has brown and black, that way it goes with everything! The shoulder strap is reversible so you can match your shoes depending on if you are wearing black or brown/cognac.

I had a work meeting in Dallas last week and this is what I wore. Afterwards, Brian and I went out to dinner and I just changed into black ripped denim to edge it up a bit. I felt refreshed and well, “cooler”.


Happy hump day!