L oving lace is one thing, but learning to love yourself can be tough!  I’m a 20-something year old whose worked in the corporate world successfully, lived on my own a myriad of times, been in love and been heartbroken. But, I’ve still not figured it all out…


NNB-Learn-To-Love-Yourself NNB-White-Lace-Romper

NNB-White-Lace-Romper NNB-White-Lace-Romper

I am not sure that we ever really figure out how to ‘adult’ 100%, regardless of your age. I know a multitude of girlfriends who struggle to lose weight, crave the perfect hair, desire to meet their dream guy. They bounce from relationsh*t to relationsh*t.  But, what is really lacking is learning to love yourself. Finding what motivates you to become a better person. For me, when I was in corporate life, I was incredibly unhappy. I disliked changes our organization was transitioning to and everyone became a number (without direction).

I’m not sure we every really figure out how to adult…

Rediscovering fashion and my creative outlets again reshaped my outlook.  Fashion has encouraged me to learn to love where I am today and be excited for what is to come tomorrow. I chose these looks because lace is delicate and soft. White lace, like this romper from Never Naked Boutique, is bright, light and white… all symbols of fresh beginnings.  Musings of confidence, self-empowerment and remembering YOU CAN DO THIS, are key! Some of the ways that I keep balance in my life and remember 5 ways to Learn to Love Yourself include…


Top 5 Ways to Learn to Love Yourself

  1. Exercise: We’ve all heard it, but staying fit is so critical to a healthy mind. I typically exercise in the mornings before starting the day. Nike is one of my favorite brands. Some of the gear I love are things like: this top, this sports bra, these bottoms and of course these running shoes! 
  2. Time for Yourself: I used to never take baths (mostly because I didn’t have the time to just sit in a tub). Now, I try to relax in a bubble bath at least for 30 minutes about once a week (or every other). I love that Fall is upcoming and Macy’s has great candles. I love this one!  Neck pillows are essential to have in the tub, like this one.
  3. Color: This may sound really odd, but I love to color now and it really relaxes you. There are a multitude of research studies that show coloring relaxes us. Some of my favorites are coloring books like this with these amazing markers.
  4. Journal: Writing on a regular basis really helps me sift through thoughts. I journal bi-weekly and have since I was a kid. For me, it truly re-inspires and refocuses me. With over 10 journals on hand, I really like this one!
  5. Hi Self, It’s Me...: I have to tap into my conscious self. I was watching a comedy one time and the character stopped in a particular scene and said, “Hold please, I need to check in with my conscious mind to gauge how I feel about that one…”.  It was hilarious! Life happens fast and we all end up making quick decisions (or sometimes no decisions) because we’ve not taken a moment to ask our conscious self: Do I really want that? Do I really want to go there? Do I really want this person, that job or this man in my life? Take 10 seconds a day to ask yourself, “Is there where I want to be?”.  I promise you’ll be amazed at what you REALLY think!

What are some of the ideas you have on how to learn to love yourself?

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