I am not sure about where you live, but here in Orlando summer is in full swing…101 degrees yesterday!  It isn’t even worth blow drying my hair, so I just throw it in a bun and have major frizz. On a brighter note,  the “Early Access” Nordstrom Anniversary sale is still going strong. Items are definitely selling out but I heard from a little birdy…

Nordstrom is holding on to all items for a major re-stock this coming Friday, when the sale becomes open to the public!! I am so excited because there are three things I didn’t order that I am kicking myself in the butt for.

I decided to round up our favorite five sweaters you need right now. All items you can wear now with shorts and during the upcoming fall/winter seasons! Pair any of these sweaters with jean shorts and sandals and you will be all set! On a side note, I was in the grocery store yesterday and even though it was 101 degrees outside I was freezing when I went inside. I was so glad I was wearing a light cardigan with my jean shorts, Florida air conditioning is serious business.

We have ordered three of the five sweaters below and will do a “try-on” overhaul when they arrive within the next week or so. Here is a list of each sweater and what I would pair with it. Xx