I think it is safe to say most people don’t understand what a blogger does on a daily basis. I occasionally get asked, what blogging is exactly and just what exactly do you all do?  How can it be a “job” let alone a full-time job? Don’t you just put outfits together and have someone take photos and write about them? The Inside Scoop To The Blogging Community of 2017…

Loft Top // Nordstrom Jeans // Marc Fisher Wedges // Sunnies (old, similar) // Forever 21 Denim Choker

I know this conundrum all too well because I get questioned a lot about what we do and how it all works. Honestly it’s a really hard answer to explain because there are so many moving parts and it’s a career that is constantly evolving. I am no expert by any means nor have I been doing it very long, but between my first blog back in 2013, collaborating with bloggers when we had our online boutique and now being involved in one again, I have seen many different aspects of what a blogger is. Nonetheless, this topic is for another time when we can explain it more in depth.

When I first started blogging a few years back, I was absolutely petrified to put myself out there. I was wearing outfits without even knowing if people liked them or not. I was timid and scared that I was being judged not only by my “friends” but by other bloggers as well. I didn’t stop blogging back in 2014 because of that but more because I got promoted in my corporate job so I focused all my efforts on that.  Looking back I am so grateful for that opportunity to move up in the company and I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for that job. However, in retrospect, I wish I would’ve stuck with blogging, my passion because maybe I would be further along in this endeavor by now.

This time around I had those same familiar feelings of doubt and insecurity, but I’ve learned to cope with those negative emotions more efficiently these days. Maybe it’s just age and not giving a damn. I am really finding out what the blogging community is all about. We have yet to come across a girl that is blatantly “mean”.  We are so new to this game, so I am sure its inevitable but the girls we have associated with so far are the nicest group of ladies. We have needed a ton of help and it seems like we constantly have questions, probably daily. Every one of the girls I am going to list below, have helped us at one point or another and we can’t be more thankful.  If you are not following these amazing bloggers, I highly recommend you do. They all have different styles to offer.

Shannon – UpbeatSoles.com

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Jenna –        VisionsofVogue.com

Michelle – Mash-Elle.com

Jordan –      NewYorkStylist.com

Brooke & Meggan – SomeWhereLately.com

Now onto this adorable off the shoulder top… the embroidery details are gorgeous and can you believe it is from Loft? So last weekend while shopping I decided to go in and give it a shot. If you know me, you won’t ever find me in Loft because I feel like it’s very plain and you will walk into work or a networking event and two other people have the same dress or top on. I am not exactly sure what drew me into the store in the first place, but I actually think it must have been this top on the mannequin in the window. As I am chatting it up with a girl who works there about how cute everything is, she proceeds to tell me a little secret… for all you loft LOVERS (you know who you are) Loft is going back to how it used to be a few years ago. It’s beckoning to its days of old, more boutique-like, only getting one shipment of everything and changing out their items more often. Can we get a hallelujah?  You can shop my Loft purchases below:

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