Fashion Bloggers and making money… is that a REAL thing? It sure is and we’re talking about how to make money as a Fashion Blogger In 2017!


Zara-Black-Fringe-Pants-NNB  Black-Zara-Pants-Not-Necessarily-Blonde Black-Zara-Pants-Not-Necessarily-Blonde Black Zara Fringe Pants (wearing a small) //Black Zara Mesh Booties //Zara Black Leather Jacke // White Turtleneck (old, similar)

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With fashion week coming to a close, it has been a eye opener. New York is saturated with bloggers (both big and small) and bloggers who ‘think’ they’re bigger than they are. One thing I have learned recently is that you are only as big as the impact you had on the person you last helped.

Last night, I had the opportunity of meeting the sweetest blogger. Her and I spoke about networking and how sometimes it is difficult to navigate the blogosphere. How are these girls getting into shows and growing a following so rapidly?  It is not easy and can be discouraging.

I have listed three ways you can make money as a fashion blogger in 2017:


This market is super competitive, but why brave the storm alone when you can partner with a fellow blogger babe?Leverage your relationships and if you don’t know bloggers – you best get comfortable reaching out and introducing yourself. It is simple… if you like them and you like their style then send a direct message on Instagram or shoot an email!

I am a big advocate of asking for help- but offering something in return too! Once you’ve made contact with a fellow blogger you’d love to meet for a coffee or drink, know what your strengths are and what you bring to the conversation. How can YOU help THEM. I promise if you go in with that mentality, it WILL come full circle.

Figure out what you can do together:

  • Pop-up event/meet and greet
  • Live e- series hosted by two (or three) of you
  • Offer a class or a Q&A session
  • Write a blog post or a series together
  • Co-partner with a brand

What is the purpose of going through life if you think you have everything figured out. If you do… by all means, please share with the rest of us. Blogging is a community and a place where (hopefully) we all want to help one another become successful women in the world.


If you’ve not signed up for our newsletter, we are launching it full force in March. Our goal is to offer tips and tricks that we’ve learned (thus far) over our first few months of blogging. The research we’ve done is super extensive and is NO joke. If you’re a new-ish blogger and you’re curious as to how to even get started… we HIGHLY recommend that you sign up. Bi-weekly (maybe more) we are going to send out tips on how to get your blog going, how to start generating money and how to scale it. Here is the best part, we are going to teach you the things NOT to do as we experience it. It will be real time… right and wrong moves. Plus it is free (this time around) 😉


If you’re a blogger or are considering jumping into this space, you’ve seen the words #ad in one post or another. That means that blogger was either ‘gifted’ or ‘paid’ to post about that product.

Here is an example of a post where we partnered with a brand! We were gifted these and if you click this link – we make a small commission. See what I did there? Ultimately, we don’t want to do one off posts. We want to generate a lasting relationship with these companies and choose brands that fit us… brands we believe in! Where did these partnerships come from? Well, various ways. Some come from networking sites, other times brands reached out to us from our Instagram. We also reach out to them too!! If you’re curious to learn more then sign up for that newsletter and also leave comments below! That way we know what all you’re curious about and we can add it to the newsletter.

Hope this post was informative and answered a few questions on how to make a few bucks blogging!


Black Zara Fringe Pants (wearing a small)

Black Zara Mesh Booties

Zara Black Leather Jacket

White Turtleneck (old, similar)