Happy Valentine’s Day! Living in the city, I know 90% of the restaurants are booked and everyone will be wearing red or pink and chatting about what they’re doing for the evening. However, is Valentine’s the one day in which chivalry rears its head?

Light-Pink-Zara-Sweater Zara-Bell-Sleeve-blush-Sweater-NNB Light-Pink-Zara-Sweater Light-Pink-Zara-Sweater

I kind of feel like Valentine’s Day is a little bit of a “Hallmark Holiday.” You know what I mean… an excuse for Hallmark to sell cards with beautifully written inserts that gush all things “I love you”.  Does that make me sound cynical? I’m actually not, I just feel like I don’t need a special day carved out to cue my significant other to buy me flowers, send me chocolates or have a date night.

Chivalry – are you dead?? Do we really need a designated day to say, “I love you?”

I was browsing Facebook yesterday and stumbled upon this post I wrote nearly 3 years ago. It still makes me laugh today!

I had a friend write:
Flowers die in a week

Chocolates make her fat

Expensive dinners put her to sleep by 9…

Happy Valentine’s Day, fellas!

And the BEST response:
Flowers indicate there is no time like the present

So seize the moment.

Chocolates don’t make you fat,

laziness does and that expensive dinner will put her to sleep by 9

so you can ravage her in the morning!


This is so perfect!  Ladies, we all deserve a man that wants to buy you flowers on a random Thursday just for the hell of it! Ladies, we all deserve date nights where we get dressed up and put on red lipstick and pull out that little black dress that he wants to throw on the floor at the end of the night. Ladies, you deserve to be treated like it’s Valentine’s Day every day of the week… because if he doesn’t, someone else will.

Don’t settle for 1 day a year when your man is expected to treat you with chivalry and dote on you like a princess. You’re worth every single red rose and Godiva chocolate in the world and it should come more frequently than just once a year on February 14th.

We all have a girlfriend that needs a little reminder that she’s worth 365 Valentines’ Days… Share this post, tag those girlfriends and write your own little advice for the ladies in your life. Happy 45th day of Valentine’s Day… 320 more days to go! 😉




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