We’re going there ladies…. show of hands, how many times have you been in a relationship far too long knowing it was never going to really pan out? We’ve all been there. Young, fun and reckless love. Met the guy, he looked great on paper, but the Manolo Blahnik was just a size too small. What did you end up doing?



If I had a dollar for every time I’ve spoken with with my girlfriends (post break-up and post tears, of course) about how in retrospect the guy wasn’t right, I’d be rich as sh*t. Well maybe not rich, but I’d not think twice about buying the #116 Mighty Rouge Coco Shine Chanel lipstick I saw last weekend, but couldn’t justify the $40.

Why do we do it?

Do you think it’s insecurities or maybe we suffer from being a hopeless romantic or maybe we’re plain dumb. Whatever the reason, sometimes we can’t manage to see our relationships objectively. Which is why we end up categorized as “crazy, psycho, needy, emotional…” I’ve been there and called that (insert embarrassed emoji here).

There are a few men in my life, all with 3-4 letters, that I dated too long. (Yes, apparently I have a tendency to date men with very vanilla names). Don’t get me wrong, I still keep tabs on their social media (insert another embarrassed emoji) and I think, “damn, what if that were me?” However, creeping on 30, I realize those relationships didn’t work out for a reason. You have to trust yourself and learn to listen the tiny little voice inside.

Here is the moral of the story – you, my darling, are cool AF… and don’t EVER forget that. You are beautiful, your butt looks fabulous in those jeans and every guy wants your number in the room. If that Manolo doesn’t fit like a glove and isn’t worth investing the $900 (or a lifetime), pass that pair over and keep shopping. Try on the ones from Payless, from Steve Madden or Jimmy Choo!  Until you’re ready to invest in your ideal pair because the fit is just too good to pass up, keep trying those suckers on!

P.S. They can call you crazy, emotional or needy, but when you’re shopping for your perfect fit, it’s stressful. You want the pair that won’t hurt after wearing them day in and day out. 😉  #Chargeon

Side note: I feel like I should be wearing Manolos in this post… next time, next time!

Be you,