It’s Friday and my goodness where has this week gone?! Lately I feel like thats happening more and more, probably because I am more busy than I may have ever been. Between the blog (which has so many different moving parts), my “day job”, moving, and making time to see my husband who travels way too much, life is flying by! It has been almost 2 years since….

Leaving my “corporate” job and starting to work from home. Like I said before, there were many reasons for leaving the whole 8:00 – 5:00 gig but looking back I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t taken that chance. I love what I do so much and can’t be more grateful for a supportive husband who always lets me go after things I love. Sitting behind a desk being miserable and hating what you do for a living is not a way to live life. I think most people get stuck and comfortable so they just settle in which brings out unhappiness in so many other parts of your life… thats for another post ūüėČ

So I have been asked quite a few times, how do I spend my days working from home… Do I stick to a routine? Do you sleep in or do you use an alarm clock? After two years I have really tried to buckle down the best ways to work from home and be productive. Below is my typical schedule, my days:

6:45a – Wake Up & drink a glass of water (Did you know that getting fluids into your body right after¬†you wake up will help your body flush out toxins first thing in the morning. So when you’re¬†not properly hydrated, your brain operates on less fuel, and you can¬†feel drained, or experience fatigue or mood fluctuations) – Thats right you wine drinkers out there, drink water!

7:00a – Make oatmeal & a cup of joe, go change into workout clothes or jean shorts and a v neck tee, wash my face and brush my teeth.

7:15a – 8:30 – I will catch up on e-mails, social media DM’s, Pinterest/home inspiration (for my day job), Etc.

9:00a – 9:45 – Work out, sometimes if I can I will do the 10a yoga.

10:00a – I will start working on my computer or I will go to my other job (I work with a home developer and I help with social media and interior design/finishes.

12:00p РLunch, usually shaved brussel sprout salad with dried cranberries, pecans, a pinch of cheese, with a light dressing.

6:00ish¬†– I will make myself stop work, go “cook”¬†dinner and lately I will watch Big Little Lies on HBO, it is so good or a movie. If I don’t watch TV I will be doing something blog related, but from the couch.

10:00 – The best time is bedtime!

I think the best practices for people who work from home or who are thinking about it is to stick to a routine!! It is so easy just wake up when you want,¬†but you aren’t helping yourself at all. Act like you are still going to an office, always get dressed (out of your PJs),¬†put on light make up, and feel good!! Don’t be scared to work from home because you think you aren’t disciplined enough, but also don’t think working from home is a breeze. It is amazing, don’t get me wrong but very challenging in the fact you are your own boss and nothing will get done if you are sleeping in, watching tons of TV, and can’t stay¬†motivated.

Recap: Stay motivated, stick to a routine, change out of your PJs, Put on make-up, drink water first thing after waking up, work out! ūüôā

Thank you for stopping by our little space on the web and have a fantastic weekend!


Xx – Jocelyn

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