It’s kind of wild how in just a blink of an eye you’re turning 30, living in a new city and attending yet another wedding. Do you ever look back and think, hum… should that be ME walking down the aisle. Is there such a thing as a perfect man? I’m still curious about that question myself, but at least I’m attending yet another wedding in the most perfect wedding guest dress and shoes. That has to count for something, right?


I’ve attended more than a dozen wedding over the past few years and my Facebook wall is full of even more engagements, baby photos and prego pictures. Don’t get me wrong, I love it (that’s a lie – I’ve honestly considered deleting Facebook, but I can’t because how else would I keep up with people’s lives?) I guess I can safely assume more weddings are to come and more dresses like this one are to follow.

This past weekend I was in Charlotte for a beautiful cathedral style wedding. The bride was about 5 years younger than me, but seemingly was marrying a charming man that complimented her perfectly. It got me thinking a little about the perfect man. I’m not sure there is a perfect man (or person), but I do believe there is a perfect man (or person) for you…

We read stories (or blog posts) about “How To Find The Perfect Man” or “What Characteristics Make For The Perfect Couples”. It’s all a bunch of b.s. It’s timing girls. It’s confidence in yourself. It’s about looking and feeling like a rock star. It could be in the jeans, the sneakers or in the dress you invested in! However, it’s NOT the man that gives you validation in that dress.

I believe you should invest in three things in life:

  1. Your health (I guess I should stop eating Oreos as I write this post)
  2. Your shoes (because no one wants to hear heels that clank while you walk because the heel soul is gone and the metal peg is tapping on the floor #FixThatShit)
  3. The perfect dress.  Something that is a real show stopper. A classy representation of yourself, that highlights your best parts and shows off the sass that deserves a night in the spotlight (even if it’s really just while doing the bouquet toss and dancing to “All The Single Ladies”)

The perfect man may not exist, but I promise you – the perfect dress does!  Love yourself first and become a well-rounded whole. THEN and only then will you find someone (seemingly perfect… for you) that will compliment you and of course, your perfect dress too.

P.S. Speaking of perfect wedding guest dresses (this one is under $60, my bag is under $35, shoes are from Zara and under $140, my Micheal Kors watch is under $200 and earrings are under $10)… finding the perfect man (cost still TBD).

XO ladies, XO 🙂