Black Friday is right around the corner… 25 days to be exact! We love Black Friday, but sometimes it’s overwhelming! Scoring ways to get the best deals on Black Friday can be tricky to navigate. However, we’ve complied 6 Ways to achieve it! We’re always going after the same clothing, accessories and shoes, but whether shopping from your computer in your PJ’s or hitting the stores at 4a, we’ve got you covered!


6 Ways To Score The Best Deals On Black Friday

1. Get Notified First!

What are some of your favorite stores? Sign up now for their newsletters so you’re prompted with their Black Friday sales and exclusive deals they have to offer! Here are some of our favorite fashion brand’s Newsletters:

Fun Tip: Places like Costco might not be considered ‘fashion’, however they do have great discounted gift cards. Get 20% off spa certificates, Fandango tickets, local restaurants, even things for the kids like Build-A-Bear and American Girl!

2. Check out a store before sales start so you know where everything is.

This might seem like a hassle, but starting on Wednesdays most store start to display what their Black Friday sales are going to be. We always try to know where these hot items are located before we get out into the storm of people! It will help if you decide to navigate the brick-and-mortar stores! double-trouble-plaid-dresses double-trouble-plaid-dresses

3. Snag Gift Cards For Less & Save An Additional 25%

Websites like Raise allows you to buy and sell gift cards. They work with large box brands like (Walmart, Target, Sephora, Forever21, Gap, etc.) You are able to purchase a $100 gift card for perhaps $85 and you can use these gift cards for your big shopping day on Black Friday! Even though we’ve not used this, we have heard great things about it!

4. Compare Store Prices

There are apps out there like Amazon Mobile that allows you to compare prices to ensure you’re getting the very best deal! You don’t have to just pull the trigger on whatever you see at first sight – do your homework with apps like these! We both love Amazon and shop off of it on the regular.

double-trouble-plaid-dresses-6-copy double-trouble-plaid-dresses double-trouble-plaid-dresses

5. Earn Cash While You Wait In Line

There are several sights out there like Ipsos that asks that you complete surveys on various topics and in return you can earn money! Who doesn’t want to earn cash while waiting for check out on Black Friday? (Insert a raised hand here!)

6. Narrow It Down

You really can’t scoop up every deal out there! Believe me, we’ve tried. It’s just not possible. Make a list of the top 10 items you want to score and which retailer you can get them from. Are you able to get any of the items from the same place? That will help streamline check-out and keep you moving swiftly. Our 5 sites we WILL have open in our browsers on Black Friday are these:

  1. For Women’s Appeal
  2. Our Electronics Site
  3. Our Beauty Site
  4. Home Decor Destination
  5. Discounted Travel

double-trouble-plaid-dresses-4 Paid-Dresses

Black Friday is not always fun and fighting your way through the stores can be stressful. We have a family tradition where every year all the girls in the family meet around 5a for breakfast. Then we hit the stores to score deals, sales and door busters. It’s fun and we love it, but these tips we have learned over the years really DO help!

Are there more apps, tools or suggestions you’ve used? We want to help everyone score BIG this Black Friday, so please feel welcome to share your insights!

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