Can you believe we are already in February? This year is already flying by so fast. It feels like I blinked and January was over, so now its time to talk about chocolates, date nights, and today…

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I just wanted to reminisce a little bit about my partner in crime, best friend, and husband, Brian. I’ve previously mentioned him once before on the blog, but in the spirit of Saint Valentine I wanted to share a little bit about our “love story”.

Once upon a time…lol, Brian and I went on our first trip to Europe in May 2008 for a two-week excursion navigating our way through London, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy. It was an absolutely amazing experience. It was his first time overseas and my first time as an adult. At this stage in our relationship we had been together for almost 8 years (off and on) and we were super excited to share this experience together. After London fog, a Belgian train strike and an unexpected trip to Paris, Switzerland was our fourth stop. We checked into the Hotel Oberland in the Lautterbunnen valley nestled among the Alps. It was a recommendation from my grandfather who has traveled all over Europe throughout his whole career and knew the owners of this hotel. I had stayed here with my family on my first trip to Europe back when I was 13. As we checked in, Ursula (one of the owners) greets us and says she’s been expecting us and that she had something special to show us… At this point, I had no idea Brian had brought an engagement ring and was waiting for the right moment to propose. So we go up the stairs to the top floor and she opens the door to our room and right out the window is an amazing unimpeded view of the valley and waterfall. There were rose petals everywhere and a bottle of wine and chocolates. To this day, we still aren’t sure who did this, it wasn’t Brian and my grandfather still says it wasn’t him either. Needless to say, Brian took this as a sign and proposed right there on the spot shortly after Ursula left the room. I was in total shock and it was the best proposal ever. You obviously can’t legally get married over there so when we got back to the states a week later we had a small ceremony at my grandparents and then a party at my parents afterwards. A little side note, Brian and I had been engaged the year before, planning a big wedding and we both just got cold feet and backed away from it and each other temporarily. There were overwhelming influences from our family to have a traditional wedding, big arrangements, etc. I have never been one to dream of a big wedding, I hate being the center of attention and the same goes for him. Everything ended up being absolutely perfect in the end. I got my small ceremony, felt beautiful in my wedding dress and we did it our way.

We have been married for 8 years and it will be 9 on June 7th. I am not going to lie, marriage is so incredibly difficult but absolutely worth all the compromise in the world. This post is was a bit more on the personal side- some insight into our love story and how it all came about. Flowers are and have been a staple, to an extent, in our relationship for a long time. We love them! You can grab 20% off ANY arrangement you choose by clicking HERE. Valentine’s Day is the perfect moment to show your special someone all the reasons you adore them… Which bouquet do you think Brian should get me? – no pressure babe… 😉

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Xo – Jocelyn