We hope you are having a great week and enjoying the last bit of 2017. This year has gone by too fast but…We have learned so much about ourselves and each other, but still have so much to learn about this little world of blogging. This past year Chelsey moved to NYC for a job, got a promotion in the first two months and now has a team of 8 that she is responsible for (insert rockstar here). Therefore, this might be why you don’t see as much of her as we all hoped for. As for Jocelyn, she left her corporate job for many reasons about two years ago, most of all because her husband travels a ton and it gives her the flexibility to spend time with him when he is home as well as travel with him. With all that being said, Chelsey is going to take a mini step back from Not Necessarily Blonde. Thankfully, Chelsey still loves the creative outlet of blogging and is going to feature a blog post at least once a month on NNB.

Below are each of our thoughts:


Going into 2018 there are lots of exciting changes. Since moving to New York a year ago, it’s been a world-wind of fast-paced hustling with tons of Starbucks. My job changed a little after I moved and I became responsible for a full fledged team. The successes and failures of sales as an individual contributor is hard, let alone a group of people. Regardless, it’s hard to keep up blogging at the level that’s needed to really set NNB on fire. I’m looking at this time as a mini sabbatical, a chance to re-assess and contribute to NNB, but less often. Who knows, maybe we’ll come to realize I too need to quit corporate America… I guess we never know what 2019 has in store, right? Keep following along on this journey with Jocelyn and I (less often, but I’m still here). So many great adventures ahead. Life is full of surprises because life is Not Necessarily Blonde.


I have many mixed emotions about taking on the blog by myself, but I am so grateful Chels is still going to contribute periodically to NNB. My plans for the blog aren’t fully laid out but luckily I have an amazing & supportive husband who is going to be my sidekick in all this. I’ll be going more into depth but here is the quick plan for what you can expect in 2018. More travel guides, skincare/beauty and home decor all while trying to wear cute outfits ;). I have to admit that the hardest part about all of this is being open and letting people into our lives. It is a very non-traditional and vulnerable career but at the end of the day, I love it and hope you will stick around and come on this journey with me. I can’t tell you how excited I get hearing your feedback alongside your support of our suggested products. With that being said, if there is anything specific you would like to see different or more of, please e-mail, DM, or leave a comment below. A couple quick examples could be, real life talk, relationship, travel, fashion, skincare, home decor, Q&A, anything! Would love to hear from YOU because technically we are in this together!

A look back on this past year: 

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Xx – Chelsey & Jocelyn