We have all heard the fashion rules “don’t mix prints”, “don’t wear brown and black together”, ‘don’t wear white after Labor Day”.  As fashion trends evolve and fashionistas are starting to step out on a limb, we’re seeing more and more women daring to be bold, enough to mix and match!

I’ve wondered how to effectively wear stripes with a floral, bold pants with a loud blouse, or even color on color. There is one master secret and it’s confidence, but also a few tricks of the trade.

  1. Floral and dots DO go together
  2. Embrace some geometric fun
  3. Bold and flirty works every time

The first look – the pink gingham blouse and navy floral skirt. Sure, the prints might look crazy at first glance, but I highlighted the pink in the skirt to make them appear like a couple – complimenting one another. Pair this with a simple nude shoe and bag… you have a winner!

The second, a black and white floral cold should blouse with a checkered skirt. They go together for two reasons: the ruffles are in sync and the colors still pair nicely without over powering the other.

Because the third skirt is powder pink and long, it was a struggle to decide on a patterned top to go with it. Instead, I opted for a solid top, but still something with a subtle pop of fun, So I went with the polka dots as the surprise!

Lastly, the fourth look. Nautical stripes with a small print floral top. The skirt is very structured. It’s a pencil skirt with stripes for goodness sake. So, I thought a small print (to off-set the big stripes) with a romantic exposed shoulder to counter the uptight pencil skirt… it is a delightful duo.

No matter if you’re doing an ‘opposites attract’ combo or a ‘color compliment’, be confident in your choices because as Audrey Hepburn wrote, “I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls”.


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Be confident and be happy,