Life In Your 30’s, Love and Men’s Acceptance – all topics that are explored with girlfriends over mimosas and brunch on a Sunday in New York City, am I right?  Sitting around a rectangular high-top, while 3 mimosas in, I got to thinking about the difference between women in their 20’s and women in their 30’s…



I’ve actually been watching the Bachelor lately and I find it very fascinating how Arie is completely enthralled with Becca,who is only 22 years old! They have a 13 year age gap. He makes a great point about how life in your 20’s vs your 30’s just shifts…  Not over night, but over time.
A couple days ago, I was at brunch with about a dozen girlfriend.  We are a diverse group. Several have thousands of followers on social media, some actually HAVE been on the Bachelor, some are financial analysts, some are CEOs, photographers and even actresses.
At one point, there was a toast, “cheers to love and wherever that might take us….” Although beautiful, the toast bothered me…  are you saying that our lives should be guided by love? It made me feel a little insecure. I realized that I was in my 30’s (unlike the girls I was with) living with a roommate (also highly popular on social media) and living in a Manhattan.  I’m not married and I have no kids and no immediate goals to ‘live the domestic life’…. AM I FLAWED?

As we approach our 30’s, I think many women feel like they have to fit the status quo and the social pressures that comes along with age. You’d think the more successful you become in your career, while in our 30’s, the less pressure you’d feel to ‘settle down’. Yet, I actually found myself at bunch feeling more behind the curve than girls 5+ years my junior.

Have we become a society driven by love and men’s acceptance?

As I creep further away from my 20’s, I realize all my brunching babes have one commonality. We’re all dreamers, doers and shakers. We love to love and love hard. We are fiercely independent, but are hopeful that love does (actually) exist. No matter what decade we grew up in (20’s, 30’s or in Arie’s case, 13 years apart), we all deserve to love and be loved.  As long as it doesn’t validate our own self-worth.
The next time my 20’s something gal pal group brunch together and I hear the cheers, “to love and wherever that might take us”, I’m going interrupt with:  “To each of your love and encouragement because without it, I’m not sure where life would take me… “
Age is just a number, but the building blocks you choose to surround yourself with can define the next chapter or decade of your life…
-Be fierce for and with your girls!