We are doing things a little differently on NNB today. This entire week we are in North Carolina for our cousin’s wedding! Being from Florida, we certainly are not accustomed to cooler weather. Therefore, today’s post is all about investing in the right fall pieces and some behind the scenes from this week’s festivities. Be sure to follow our Snap for the insider scoop on what to wear, where to go and life in the mountains…


We finally got up to North Carolina after a long 9.5 hour drive! We hit major Atlanta traffic.  As we were coming up the mountain we were able to catch the most beautiful sunset. The trees were an incredible shade of maroon, yellow and deep greens. The sun was setting and the air was getting a bit chilly. That’s when we realized, “sh*t, we’re Floridians”! Investing in fall pieces is important to a well rounded wardrobe. It doesn’t mean you need 19 wool coats, but certainly some staples are necessary (regardless of where you live).

We have rounded up a fall look that shows how to invest in the right fall pieces…. pieces every closet should have!

We can’t wait to share all the awesome places we visit while in North Carolina on our Instagram and Snap. Don’t forget to follow along and even though we grew up coming here we are always open to any recommendations on hikes, restaurants, or shopping to try in Cashier or the Highlands. These areas have grown with so much to do these past few years! Hope to hear from you!