Show of hands… how many of you read blogs and find yourself feeling totally inadequate? (Insert my hand high into the air). I browse other fashion blogger’s sites on a reg. Sometimes I actually manage to get to the end of the post even! Other times, I stop mid way through and I think, “dang am I that much of a loser? Look how perfect they are!” Everyone is talking about how to keep your house clean in 3 easy ways, or how to wear the perfect dress for Memorial Day…. I’m thinking to myself can someone go get me dog food because it’s raining outside. Real life vs. curated life… Is there a difference anymore?


       Real life vs. curated life (that’s shown to the public) are two very separate things!

I operate in real life (90% of the time). I’m just trying to remember to go to the grocery and buy dog food so my animal doesn’t starve to death! Oh and pay my rent on time. Listen I get it, we’re not all created equal. Some bloggers are naturals.  Their hair is always perfectly curled in light beach waves with the most impeccable pale pink manicure and dusty rose colored flowers lining the kitchen sinks.  Then there is the rest of society who have an empty paper towel holder lining the sink!

There is seriously not enough time in the day to get it all done. I am sure you’ve noticed Jocelyn and I have been a little MIA. (Strike that – that is presumptuous. Perhaps you’ve not noticed in the least – for that, I don’t fault you), but these past few weeks have been crazy busy and we haven’t been diligent posters.

What I hope you have in fact noticed is that Not Necessarily Blonde is far from perfect and we don’t “curate life 100% of the time”. We’re a creative space that is honest, inspirational and informational. You’ll never read a post that claims to have something figured out completely or any sort of master life plan (although if you find a blogger that does have a master life plan, do send me the link!).

If anything, we want to create a community where we all celebrate one another’s accomplishments and encourage one another through failure. I don’t know about you, but as I look around my untidy apartment, at the dog food I bought and realize it’s the wrong brand… I’m feeling like I failed today. BUT – tomorrow’s a new day. I’ll continue reading blogs about perfection and I’ll keep encouraging myself that even though my hair is shitty and doesn’t curl in perfect waves, my nail chipped on me today and I need more paper towels, that tomorrow is a new day just the same.

The older I get, the more I have realized 3 important things for real life vs a curated life.

3 Important Things For Real Life Vs. A Curated Life

  • I’d lie if I said I get up early (I am a MAJOR snoozer… like 4-6 times, I hit snooze). So instead, decide when you’re most productive. Not everyone is a morning person. If you complete more tasks after 9p, then rock on my friend. The early bird gets the worm… OR the night owl slays her breakfast before the bird even gets up!
  • I also would be lying if I said I work out everyday. Sure, we all should, but I don’t and I like to think I’m doing okay. Should I work out more? Certainly! But, we should all watch less television too, yet I’m on season 6 of Game Of Thrones in 3 weeks (so, I digress). Point being – take your evening phone calls while walking around the block at night… you’d be shocked how quickly time passes and you still can watch John Snow for a full hour (hehe). Multitasking is key.
  • Lastly and in all seriousness, I recommend 10 minutes a day to do something that betters yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s listening to a podcast, meditating or reading a book. Anything that is for YOU that encourages a better you- do it! Don’t have 10 minutes to spare? Then stop reading my post right now and go do it!

Like I said, I don’t have life figured out and honestly, I plan to never have it figured out. However, I hope you’re able to differentiate between real life vs. curated life. When you stop by NNB, you’re reminded that you’re not alone in grocery struggles, hair struggles and Memorial Day dress struggles. Your outfit can be your pajamas and a jar of ice cream if you deem appropriate. What you see is not always what you get. Everything is not necessarily blonde…

On a side note though: this dress would have been PERFECTION for Memorial Day and it’s under $60 (haha the irony)…but July 4th is right around the corner!

Come back again this week and you can also shop the post below!