Friday, we have been waiting all week for you! Is it just me or has it been a really looong week?

It is crazy to think Thanksgiving is next week, the holiday season got here way too fast. I don’t know about you, but for Brian and I it is one of the craziest holiday’s for us…

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We are very fortunate to have both of our families living within 20 minutes of us.  However, with that close family proximity comes the downside of having to run around and eat two thanksgiving meals in one day. Brian’s family has lunch and my family does dinner. So needless to say, we feel so tired and our bellies are at full capacity come 8:00pm. I guess getting up early and walking around shopping the next day is a great way to burn off some calories! On that note, I’ll have to just go to the gym since I plan to do most of my shopping online.

When I came across this front twist sweater a couple weeks ago, my first thought was how perfect it would be for a Thanksgiving day outfit. Not only is it soft and the perfect weight, but I feel like it’s forgiving on a day when you eat two over-sized meals back to back.

I have also found a few more items that you may like as well. Have a fantastic weekend



xx – Jocelyn