Spring 2017 is all about trends and switching gears from not only what you’re wearing, but what you have in your home too! Just like we stop wearing heaving chunky knits and black turtlenecks come springtime, your home needs the same TLC. That’s why I’ve listed the 5 Major Home Decor Trends For Spring 2017!

Drum roll… unless you live under a rock, you know spring is in full swing! This year there are definite trends to keep an eye on:

5 Major Home Decor Trends For Spring 2017

  1. Copper or Brass: It doesn’t matter if it’s a brass mirror, the handles on your night stand or copper canisters, it’s really on trend this season!
  2. Navy: It is everywhere! We’re seeing it on outside furniture as well as plush over sized couches. Tiny wall art with accents of navy is a perfect (and inexpensive) way to bring the trend into your living room or outdoors.
  3. Conversational Pieces: The metallic silver chest that resembles woodwork is a great example! Even the white and gold floral coffee table – if your friends walk into your space and stop to say, “I LOVE this… how unique” that’s a conversational piece.
  4. Pops of color: Perhaps a small throw pillow or plates that you decide to use for the next few months – pops of fun and bright colors are popular.
  5. Marble: From wine keys to wall paper… marble is all the rave. Haven’t you seen the computer cases that are marble too? It’s taking over (not that I mind)