Tie Dye Dress
This is probably one of our first shoots we did when we decided to launch the blog! Feeling comfortable and confident wasn’t really two terms I was prepared to use! Learning to be you isn’t easy for anyone, but…

it’s partly mind over matter. But, I recently read a really great book called Lean In, by Sheryl Sandberg. It is about women, work and the will to lead. It is a great read because it reminds us

Don’t fake it until you make it… fake it until you become it!Sheryl Sandberg

We all face certain insecurities that we often don’t speak about. I know for me I always feel like I can be doing more or should have done a certain project better.  I’m a go, go, go kind of person. If I don’t have a mile long to-do list, I feel highly unproductive. Typically, I prefer to use calendars similar to this one to help me stay organized, but most of the time, it’s a crap shoot… but hey, life is to some extent, right? No matter how many lists I make or schedules I print out, the real insecurity is remembering to be myself. Trusting your gut and believing that you can do anything.

Tie-Die-Dress Tie-Dye-Dress Blue-Tie-Dye-Dress

Navy-Tie-Dye-Dress Navy-Tie-Dye-dress

We shot this look several weeks ago and really had no clue what we were truly doing. But, we’ve stumbled through so much trial and error to find that we regardless of what’s next, we love it so far!  Tie Dye for the summer really is something that a lot of people don’t necessarily do, but for me, when you put tie dye and a comfortable dress together, I am in! This particular navy cotton dress is from our clothing boutique, Never Naked Boutique and the price is a steal ($52). Check out the piece here! These sling back tan chunky heels are Calvin Klein (although I’ve had them forever!).

Grey-Tie-Dye-Dress Navy-Tie-Dye-Dress Navy-Tie-Dye-Dress

Personally, I think the more you encourage yourself to step outside your comfort zone, the more you’ll realize that you CAN do anything you put your mind to.  Fashion, shoes, travel, it’s all great… but, once you discover what motivates you to be yourself, that’s what makes you that much more beautiful.

Dress (Never Naked Boutique), Belt is old (similar), Shoes are old (similar), Choker (Never Naked Boutique)

Stay encouraged!