We had the opportunity to catch up with 5 women entrepreneurs and ask them what their best piece of advice would be. Each of them varies in skill set, but the message is essentially clear…

Best Advice From 5 Women Entrepreneurs 

Gypset (Jewelry Designer)– The maker of local jewelry in the Orlando area, Gypset has handcrafted items for the gypsies and the jet setters. She really encompasses amazing style and incredibly unique pieces. Gypset shared her best advice:

“Ok, my one piece of advice is to keep pushing. It’s so easy to go get a 9-5 job and to play it safe, but if you push hard enough you can do it on your own, especially if you love what you’re doing. Don’t ever think you have to get a “real job” instead of building your own business. The money will come if you just keep pushing. You have to believe in yourself and know that you will make it.” gypset-image
HBJ Photography (Photographer):  Heather has the energy of the energizer bunny! She’s bubbly, positive and incredibly creative. We have had the honor of working with her on several occasions and she truly is a great friend! She started her photography business as a passion project and it’s blossomed into an incredible business including editorial, new born, engagements, graduations and so much more! HBJ Photography shares her advice:
“My best advice would be to take chances. Any time someone reached out to me to shoot something out of the box or that I’d not done before, I tried my best to push myself to do it. I learned from each experience and it made me better. Strive to take chances regularly to increase your knowledge base and to force yourself out of your comfort zone.” – Heather
South Street & Co (Marking Agency) – Kaitlyn is the Owner and Creative Director of a boutique style marketing agency in Orlando. She has successfully grown her audience to over 6,000 followers in a very short period of time and not to mention her company is comprised of all women! She has written over 500 blog posts and helped close to 100 clients locally. Although she might not be on Forbes 100 for largest marketing firms in the world, she certainly is on her way! Her best advice is below…

“Go The Extra Mile; It’s Never Crowded. When people think of owning their own business a lot of them think of the glamour or the fame that comes with it. But none of them (at least not a lot) think about the hustle it takes to get it up. Not only that but what it takes to get clients and frankly, to keep clients. When I started my marketing agency, I took a leap of faith like all entrepreneurs. I woke up before my full-time job, then went and worked all day, then came home and worked until late at night. But no one saw this, and it doesn’t matter. What matters is the results and how I make clients feel. “Go the extra mile; it’s never crowded.” This is one of my favorite quotes. When I read it, I am reminded to do things that are out of the ordinary and to walk a different path than other marketing agencies.” – Kaitlyn

Not Necessarily Blonde, NNB Sisters (Fashion & Travel Bloggers):
Chelsey: One of my favorite movies is Inception and within that movie there is a line, “You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling”. That would be my best advice. You can dream as a big as you desire and thus, only you can limit yourself to small mindedness as well. Dream and dream big… then go make it happen!
Jocelyn: “Go after whatever you want. If you are able to see something you want from a Macro perspective, then figure out to how obtain it from a Micro (bite size) perspective. Don’t be afraid to go after your dreams!”
What additional advice would you choose to share with other women who are considering (or have) started their own business? Also, if you missed our last two Double Troubles, you can read them here & here.
Until next Double Trouble Tuesday,
NNB Sisters (Chelsey & Jocelyn)