Not Necessarily Blonde sisterly weekend
The only things you can count on in life are death and taxes!  Unless you flee the country and avoid paying them? I guess that really only leaves death for certain. However, do you have a best friend that, come hell or high water, you can count on too?


Let’s face it, life is sh*t show and we’re just along for the ride. I’ve lived in Manhattan now for about 6 months. I’ve managed to make approximately 2 new friends (at best). However, I’ve crushed every episode of Game of Thrones, Casual, Pretty Little Liars, Handmaid Tales, House of Cards…. well, you get the idea. I could have never guessed how difficult it would be to make new friends post college.

How do you talk to new girlfriends without sounding like you’re a total creep and without reading like your desperate for a companion. Is this how men felt growing up in high school and college? I feel like my ‘go to’ compliment in the office is “love that color on you, Julie” or “great pencil skirt you have you on, Laura”.  I mean, how basic…

Meeting friends after you’ve graduated college or reached a certain age is hard. There is no handbook. Especially in New York where you can be stirring your morning coffee in the break room right next to the girl who works 4 cubical down from you and you barely breathe in one another direction. Or when you get on the elevator with two people, on your team, but no one says good morning. Strange right!  Is it a city thing, an age thing or…

However, the two new friends I’ve made up here are fabulous!  They’re clever and smart. Both are very driven and focused on what they offer the world and the conversation they’re involved in at the present moment. I’m glad to add them into my Rolodex of goodies to keep tabs on. The one greatest of all time friend though… the one I add into my ‘life certainties’ would be my sister.

Jocelyn is a big goober sometimes, but she’s my goober. Come that hell or high water, she’s there. My number one fan and my number one cheerleader (of course in the best uniform get-up she can find). The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve come to realize that I don’t need a squad of 20. I need a squad of 1 ultimately. That ride or die… that yin to your yang… that person you can text at 4 in the morning to talk about an idea you had… or that person you call from jail (purely kidding!). We’ve fought, we’ve cried, we’ve said things we regret, but I know, in 60 more years, we’ll still be rocking pink lip stick and drinking too much wine…. and we’ll be doing it together. Sure death and taxes are the only things in life that are certain, but for me, so is my friendship with my sister.

When’s the last time you told your best friend, “thanks for being there for me?” You should do it right now… yes, stop reading and shoot them a text! While you’re texting them you should also remind them of that infamous quote:

“Good friends are like a well fitting bra”

Hard to find

Keep you perky


Make you look better

Always close your heart

You can also send them this link to my post to read (just saying…)

Rock on my dolls & cheers to the ladies in our lives we’re lucky enough to consider a certainty in this crazy life!



Life's Certainties include death, taxes and friendship Image from Gal Meets Glam