Happy Tuesday to you! As I was just about to write this post, Chelsey called and said she is coming home (Orlando) from June 30th – July 15th and working from here! Can we get a woohoo! Not only do we get to spend a ton of time together but we plan to create some awesome content for you guys, together! Also, my birthday is July 1st so she can celebrate with me!! Can you tell how excited I am. Anyways, if you are anything like us…

We can be huge procrastinators and right now, it is the week of Father’s Day and we have yet to get anything for our dad. So I wanted to help you all out if you need it. I already took the time last night to skim gifts and here are my top picks. They are all from Nordstrom which has next day shipping options (insert a sigh of relief here).

Hope this helps! Xx