ABOUT Not Necessarily Blonde


Based out of NYC & Orlando, Not Necessarily Blonde is our little scrapbook full of memories comprised of personal style, travel, outtakes and thoughts shared by us!  We created Not Necessarily Blonde as an outlet to explore and discover life together. We are two sisters with very different personalities, but share an equal love for fashion and traveling. After launching Never Naked Boutique in November 2014, we realize what we genuinely love. Photography, styling, content creation, storytelling, social media and curating beautiful images… that’s who we are.  All these main components, lends itself to a blog more than just a clothing boutique. So, we are launching a new vertical to the N.N.B. brand:  Never Naked Boutique & Not Necessarily Blonde, the blog!

Our goal is to inspire each of you to reach for things that might seem intangible. We hope you’ll stretch yourself to rediscover the child who believes they can achieve anything again. We want our creative scrapbook to be a place where you can find inspiration and information in one place.  Our goal is to share our lives open and honestly. See all the imperfections, candid moments and laughter we share. Giving our friends an insight into our sometimes hectic and imperfect lives, we hope to show that an image can capture a million words, but there is so much more behind a pretty picture and everything is Not Necessarily Blonde.  This journey is our storyboard of life together as sisters, as best friends and as one another’s biggest fans!


Hi, if this is your first time to Not Necessarily Blonde, welcome! I live in New York City and am a University of Central Florida graduate with my degree in Marketing (Go Knights). Working in healthcare for three years as an Account Manager, I learned the power of setting smaller goals, organization and strategy, but lacked creative thought and passion.  Since leaving, I’ve been fortunate enough to truly immerse myself in a completely new space. It has encouraged me to learn challenging concepts and think outside the box! Here is a little about me, but if you ever have more questions… let me know!!

Pets: I have a small black and white toy poodle named Lyrics (like a song’s lyrics) and she’s my best fury friend.

Favorite Food: I love wine, thin crust pizza, and coffee from Starbucks (well, who sounds like a piggy?)

Best Practices for blogging: Just start!  I was told once, from a prior boss, that I suffer from paralysis of analysis. I made a choice that I didn’t want to be that way anymore. Sometimes just jumping in IS a good thing. I was also told by the same boss, “What are you doing today to get you where you want to be tomorrow?” I try to set each day up with my TODO lists and mark them off as I go, starting with what I do NOT want to do, first.

JOCELYN (Orlando)

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by our little creative space we call NNB. I am sure we will get to know each other more but here is a little bit about me. I’ve been married to my best friend, Brian for eight years and we have two furry babies, Chloey and Narco (short for Narcoleptic). After working in the corporate world for over 10 years, I wasn’t really learning anything new or being challenged much anymore and felt I I had lost my motivation. I have always been a really creative person. So after years of monotonous, 8 to 5 work I finally realized I was simply going through the motion with no passion or drive. So about a year later… here I am, trying to keep up with this amazingly creative world we live in today learning new things CONSTANTLY.

Favorite Food: Lasagna, salmon, and wine!

Blogging Tips: I started a blog, Motley Hues back in 2012, and ran it for about a year.  It was challenging because my husband was taking all my photos, editing them and at the same time started traveling a lot for work. I was working full-time and I couldn’t post on a regular basis. So since then, I’ve made it my mission to learn photography and do all the editing by myself… and to my surprise, I absolutely love it. I am learning new practices and feel like I see the world from a different perspective now. I have two tips for you, first, be consistent and learn as much about blogging as you can, because it’s really up to you to meet your deadlines. Now my second and biggest tip would be… Just start, and don’t give up!

Favorite Travel Destination: Switzerland, it holds a special place in my and my families’ hearts and it’s the most beautiful countryside i’ve ever seen. If you haven’t been, GO, I promise it won’t disappoint!


Chelsey: I run our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. with the exception of Snapchat (@NNBSisters), we both snap.) When we’re shooting Jocelyn, I am taking the pictures. When we do a post together, her husband will shoot us. I also run the Editorial Calendar and a lot of the business negotiations/collaborations, I’ll do as well.

Jocelyn: When we’re shooting Chelsey, I am the photographer.  I also do all of our photo editing for both the blog and the boutique plus I run the actual NNB boutique website on the back end. I do a lot of the collaborations with brands, as well.

Everything else, we do together!